Our Promise to You


Proven Quality

At Kensrin, we pride ourselves in offering best-in-class speed limiters/recorders for your vehicle. Our devices are also very affordable and accessible.


Professional Service

We have a team of competent engineers and technicians who perform the installation of Roscoe speed limiters, and provide technical support.


Stability & Durability

Roscoe™ speed limiters/recorders meet all the transport sector safety requirements, therefore ensuring stability in speed control, and a long device life-cycle.


Energy Saving

Roscoe™ speed governors control the vehicle speed within the preset value. This saves energy by significantly lowering fuel consumption.


Good Performance

The control of vehicle speed continuosly means a reduction of times of braking and abrasion and an alleviation of vibrations and load on the engine, improving performance.


Environmental Protection

Accurate fuel control will bring performanceering of the engine into full play so as to minimize emissions and minimize air pollution.



The company was established in September 2008 under solo management before incorporating an expansive administrative and management structure in the year 2011. This brought on board a wider administrative and management team to handle the company administration and operations in the light of the opportunity to venture into the research and thereafter engagement in the speed limiters (governor) business line.

Our main product offering is the Roscoe™ Speed Limiter/Recorder. The product design meets the speed-limiting requirements of Kenya, KS2295-1 and KS2295-2 standards, and has been reviewed and approved by the Kenyan government.

Regarding talents as the fundamental foundation, the company has developed a group of high-quality professional talents and an installation team. The Company has won good reputation with its superior technical support and a sound pricing system while adhering to the operation principle of being professional, concentrated, service-oriented and innovative.

Currently, the main business activities and operations are centered in the capital and the surrounding environs but as an expansion and growth strategy, we are already extending our product and services to other major towns and counties beyond Nairobi.


To be the leading company of choice in the provision of quality brand products and business support services in the transport sector.


Consistent supply of quality speed limiters which satisfy required transport safety standards through enabling unlimited access to, delivery, distribution, fitting and servicing of the devices within the country.


The company deals in the delivery and supply of digital speed limiters/recorders within the Kenyan market with the aim of enabling players, stakeholders and any other interested party in the commuter service business sector, motor industry companies and other transportation companies get access to these devices for purposes of having them installed on demand, as and when required.

We seek to provide our services and expertise to the following clientele, without limitations:

  • Public transport companies
  • Private vehicle owners
  • Factories
  • Learning institutions
  • Supermarkets
  • Motor vehicle companies

Our speed limiter, Roscoe™, is the best choice for you, because it has the following advantages:

  • The most advanced intelligent micro-controller system is applied for controlling the vehicle speed accurately.
  • The speed value per minute of the vehicle can be checked directly on a computer.
  • Control of the vehicle speed is done stably
  • Long life cycle
  • Easy to install

With all the features and benefits of the Roscoe™ Digital Speed Limiter/Recorder, you, the car owner will be at ease. You will definitely experience:

  • An improvement on fuel economy of the vehicle,
  • A prolonged life cycle of the engine
  • And a reduction of costs of operation and maintenance.


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